Photo credit: Stan Demidoff

Photo credit: Stan Demidoff

Born in pre-gentrified Brooklyn and raised in post-suburbanized New Jersey, LEE AARON ROSEN is a New York-based actor — except when he feels the need for warm weather, in which case he temporarily sets up camp in Los Angeles, a city he has slowly learned to love.

He also loves Chicago and London — the latter of which he once lived in for a time — but, both literally and figuratively, that's neither here nor there. 

He could bore you with all of his credits here, but that's what a résumé is for, and you can find that elsewhere on this site. Suffice it to say, he is grateful for a varied career that's allowed him to work in everything from major motion pictures to small indie film; on and off-Broadway, and at some of the greatest regional theatres in America; with playwrights like Tony Kushner and Tom Stoppard; and with great directors of both stage and screen ranging from Marianne Elliott to Steven Spielberg. 

In addition to acting, he has worked on the production of several documentaries, including The Destruction of Memory, R.E.M. by MTV, and PBS’s Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle. He has also taught acting classes and workshops around the country, and serves on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Visual Narrative program. He received his own MFA from NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. 

Lee has also served as a longtime volunteer at New York's 52nd Street Project. He and his wife live under the unflinching, tyrannical gazes of their two cats.